About me

Maciej Grzeszek

I am a gardening engineer, for several years professionally active specialist in the field of mushroom cultivation.Experienced professional in supporting leading companies in the mushroom producing industry in Poland. Expert in identifying and resolving problems in mushroom production cycle.

I studied at the Agricultural Academy in Kraków and Poznań and at the Higher School of Economics and Humanities in Skierniewice.

I have completed numerous courses and trainings – also abroad – in the field of mushroom cultivation and production of raw materials for their cultivation, as well as professional advice in this field. I gained practical experience working as Field Technical Representative for the market leader in compost production.

A few years ago I decided to make a radical change in my professional life and. . . . set up my own consulting and training company in the field of mushroom cultivation. This is my way to combine passion with work.

I have the opportunity and pleasure to cooperate with advisors from Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland and Russia, both on Polish and foreign ground, exchanging experiences in the field of mushroom cultivation, substrate and casing production. I am familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of mushroom growing, I am a witness to and participant in the changes in this industry.

Advice and training bring concrete and “tangible”; effects. This gives me great satisfaction and determines the sense of my work.

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