Control of mycelial growth to the casing.

Control of mycelial growth to the casing.

Two weeks ago, I remotely presented during # ДНИ РОССИЙСКОГО ГРИБОВОДСТВА 2020 #RUSSIAN MUSHROOM DAYS 2020 how to control the growth of mycelium to the casing soil. At first, the topic seemed banal and boring to me, but in fact, in the last few days, when I was solving various growing problems, I became convinced of how important this element is.

Achieve the goals!

High yield, high quality and easy harvesting are essential goals for every grower. Without good mycelium growth in the assumed time – no chance to achieve!

Time is money

Everyone knows about it but does not always remember it. This is one of the main reasons why it is worth paying so much attention to the casing spawn run. What about the perfect spreading of the flash if the harvest is scheduled to start on Saturday afternoon? What about a perfect third flush if I have to empty the room because my shock was delayed?

The control of the growth begins even before filling the room.

A lot depends on the compost and casing soil. If we know our growing technics, the efficiency of pickers and the requirements of costumers, we must properly select all the puzzles to assemble our picture:

– type and quantity of casing,

– quantity of compost, quality / length of growth, transport temperature,

– the mycelium, type of carrier and the dose of the supplement,

– amount of cacing or way of ruffling,

– climate settings, especially the influence of air temperature on the compost,

– humidification system settings,

– watering regime

You can find more on this topic in the my materials from


#RUSSIAN MUSHROOM DAYS 2020 and in the 3/2020 issue of #BPP “Pieczarki”. 

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